Sydney Gutter Guard Or Leaf Screen Protection

Don’t be lied to.

We clean gutters. Everyday.

We are the Sydney gutter cleaning experts. Every day we see and talk to homeowners who have been sold the wrong type of gutter guard by uninformed & inexperienced gutter guard salesmen or installers.

Installers who have never cleaned a gutter, ever. After 16 years of cleaning gutters, we would like you to know the truth about Gutter Guard – what we have seen works, and what doesn't.

First, we will tell you the about the misconceptions, then, when you are almost put off installing gutter guard, we will tell you what works and why it works...

Gutter Cleaning SydneyCommon Misconceptions:

“You don’t have to clean your gutters once you have installed Gutter Guard”

The fact is that leaf litter will still build up on your roof, on top of the gutter guard and down the valleys. Some may be washed away in a good downpour – but not all. Any build-up of debris on the roof can lead to leaks and costly internal repairs to ceilings etc. In time, debris will break down into a fine heavy acidic silt that will reduce the life of the gutters, and the weight will deform the fall - water won't drain to the downpipes. That’s why we often find delightful gardens growing under the expensive gutter guard you have had installed.

The picture above shows plants growing through gutter guard, and the photo below shows what could be lying under the apparently clean looking gutter guard if you have not had it cleaned for years

“Just flush your gutters every 2-3 years to prevent silt build up under the mesh”

If there is only a very light build up, you could do this, or we could do this for you in a safe manner. In most cases, though we prefer to blow out or hand clean the silt on a dry day (don’t worry, we will clean up perfectly afterwards!).

Why is this a better method than just flushing? Flushing heavy silt, moss or debris often blocks downpipes, and worse, could block the stormwater pipes underground requiring the services of a plumber with an eel to unblock – very costly. With blowing or cleaning out by hand, none of those dangers exists.

“Plastic type gutter guards are a waste of money”

You are usually told that by a salesman who wants to sell you an expensive metal gutter guard. Most plastic and Nylon gutter guards are seriously a waste of money, but Polyethylene is a high-grade product which is UV and fade resistant, of food grade quality, and is water, salt and corrosion resistant.

The product we use has a 15-year warranty, and it works. We know because we see this product still performing perfectly after 13 years with no signs of degradation, colour fade or stability.

  • We also like Polyethylene because it's really easy to gently lift and clean underneath. You will like Polyethylene too because we charge much less to lift and clean underneath than we do for lifting metal gutter guard! It can last as long as metal Gutter Guard too
  • Our Premium Gutter Guard is an Australian made product that conforms to AS 15-02 & AS 3959-1999 standards and is a recipient of an Australian Design Award. It has been hailed by roofing experts and clients alike

“Polyethylene is not fire resistant and my council insists on fire-resistant mesh”

Actually, any method that prevents leaf debris from building up in your gutters is considered as reducing the fire risk. To comply with council fire regulations in your area, we can install Aluminium Gutter Guard that is powder coated to colour match your gutters.

Our Premium quality Gutter Guard may be the long lasting solution to preventing blocked gutters and costly damage

Gutter guard types that we believe do not work well:

  • Fine screen metal mesh. It doesn’t matter what it’s made of, we have found that it’s simply not rugged enough for Australian conditions or Australian birds and wildlife. It loses it looks quickly, and rain sheets off it
  • Stick down self-adhesive mesh. You can’t lift it to clean underneath, so it has to be reapplied or siliconed down. It does not keep its looks. A self-adhesive mesh is usually the fine mesh described above – designed and installed by men who have never had to try and clean underneath or repair/replace the gutters they have been stuck to
  • We don’t prefer Metal over Polyethylene. By metal, we include stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and Colorbond steel. These are generally excellent products and we install them regularly because they are long lasting, fire retardant and look great. But, as described above, they are very difficult to lift and clean underneath – even though we send out reminders, you may forget to clean regularly. We have to unscrew and gently lift to clean underneath - but in time they may bend, crease or become ‘lumpy’ with continuous lifting and cleaning. If we regularly blow out the gutters we won't need to lift them to clean underneath. It costs you more to have your gutters cleaned when we have to lift metal gutter guard to clean.
  • Easy Flow type gutters. These are strange gutters that have a cover designed on top to prevent anything from entering the gutters. Unfortunately, that often includes rainwater! Gutters are designed to carry water safely away from the roof and house to prevent causing damage to the foundations, staining to the exterior walls and mossy pathways. Most Easy flow type gutters cause too much rain to sheet over the gutter onto the path or garden below in even the mildest rain, so why have gutters if not to carry away water? See the picture opposite -
  • Bristle type gutter guard. This type looks like a bottle brush. It's also known as Hedgehog gutter guard. Just a few leaves stuck in the brushes though, and your gutters are blocked
  • Vacuuming out gutters. These systems have their place in very few applications. It takes longer to set up, use, and expensive equipment is needed. Using these systems is cumbersome and heavy. All those costs will be passed onto you. We are often called out to clean gutters where the vacuum method has not removed all the hard stuck on debris and heavy mud. Further, some vacuum systems are used from the ground on long poles. The weight of this equipment has damaged the fall of the gutters to the point where water no longer flows to the down pipe properly.

So why should you install Gutter Guard?

By now, you may have been put off installing gutter guard! The purpose of sharing all these tips is so that you can make an informed decision in your Gutter Guard choice and add to the value of your property.

With the right Gutter Guard installed on your roof you will find the following benefits:

  • Allows the easy flow of water off the roof, along the gutter and downpipe and safely away from your property
  • Protect your home against fire damage from the burning embers of a bushfire igniting the accumulated gutter debris
  • Clogged and dirty gutters lead to rust and deterioration & create major problems for your roof and home
  • Overflowing gutters leak water onto paths
  • Rotting roof timbers from overflowing gutters back-flow into the roof cavity and damage your ceiling
  • Dirty tank water - Gutter Guard ensures clean water without debris
  • Prevent bird droppings and the building of nests
  • Helps prevent spiders, vermin and other unwanted pests making a home in your roof (Australia has a real bird pest problem. We have seen many Indian Myna birds nesting in roofs and gutters. Cockatoo, Pigeon and Seagull droppings block up gutters and downpipes. We also have also seen snakes and possums getting into roof cavities.)
  • Prevents small animals and pets from becoming accidentally trapped in the roof
  • Limits breeding of mosquitoes due to stagnant water pools in gutters
  • Gutters will last approx 2-3 times longer with gutter guard installed that is regularly maintained
  • Colour matched to your roof and gutters

Why should I use Sydney Gutter Clean to install my Gutter Guard?

  • Our fully qualified team include roof tilers, roof plumbers, carpenters and builders who all have a solid background in residential, commercial and Strata building services and property maintenance in Australia. Each has training and experience in installing a variety of gutter guard products for various applications in diverse environments
  • All of our team are fully trained in our quoting and installation procedures
  • Each member of our team holds accredited certification in Safe Working at Heights, OH&S, Risk Assessment and Safe Roof Access Systems installation with WorkCover certification
  • Our company is family owned & operated. Installing our gutter guards is supporting Australian jobs

Other Benefits

Rainwater Harvesting

Premium Gutter Guard is designed to help leaves and twigs to slide over its surface. But when rainwater flows down the roof and hits that same surface, it's forced into the gutters and then into your water tanks. There are no leaves in the gutters to soak up the water or to contaminate it with bits of debris and droppings. That makes the rainwater easier to harvest.

Hail storms

Hail storms can cause more damage if your gutters don't have gutter guard. Ice and debris usually block gutters and downpipes. This can cause water to backflow under the eaves and inside the roof. We have seen the weight of ice and water cause gutters to collapse onto the ground. Any water harvested would be discoloured and polluted by debris. Plus, you'd need to work on a wet roof to clear blocked gutters after the storm. With Premium Gutter Guard in place, you can be confident that this won't happen to you.

Bush Fire Protection

The accumulation of trapped leaves and twigs in gutters is a high fire risk in our dry Aussie conditions. All that trapped debris is an invitation for flying embers. Don't let this happen to your precious home! Install Gutter Guard to let leaves and twigs slide over the gutters, keeping them clear and less of a fire risk. Our Gutter Guards are 100% non-flammable. They won't ignite or allow embers through

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Gutter Guard for my Roof?

That depends on your roof and budget. For this reason, we won't give you a ‘guesstimate’ on the phone. We will come out free of charge, get onto the roof, take all the variables such as pitch, the substrate (is it tile or metal), valleys and design before helping you to make an informed decision about what will be the best for you. All our Gutter Guard can be colour matched to suit your home from a range of Colorbond® colours to match your roof and gutters. For example, look at our premium metal gutter guard:

  • Commercial grade premium Aluminium gutter guard - Polyester Powder coated in Colorbond colours to match your roof and gutters designed for harsh Australian conditions
  • Meets Australian Standards AS 3959-1999 with a Flammability Index of 0
  • 3,5mm aperture, 1mm strand thickness

How long does it last?

All our gutter guard products, powder coated aluminium or HDPE (Polyethylene) are guaranteed for 15 years. We can supply you a more economical Standard Gutter Guard that sits on the gutter if that is more suitable - this product is also guaranteed for 15 years.

Does Gutterclean clean the gutters & downpipes first?

Absolutely. We thoroughly clean the entire guttering system and roof and flush out the downpipes to ensure everything is working properly. If not, we will provide you with digital photos showing any necessary repairs.

Will the mesh keep everything out?

Our products will keep up to 95% of leaves and debris out of your gutters. Even the majority of Pine needles and Jacaranda will be kept out. The little that gets through may be washed away when it rains. The rest can be cleaned out, see below.

Do you have to maintain gutter guard?

Yes, though our products require very minimal maintenance. We would suggest at least an annual clean depending on how much debris build up you have on the roof and gutters. Our system allows us (or you) to blow out or hose through the guard.

How long will it take to install?

An average house, weather permitting, will take around 1 day.

Will the Polyethylene deteriorate in the sun?

Yes, it will in time – but only long after the 15-year warranty is up. HDPE Polyethylene Gutter Guard is specially designed to include UV stabilisers and UV absorbers that ensure that the mesh will last up to 15 years without breakdown in the Australian sun - which is as long as the life expectancy of most Colorbond metal gutter guard.

Are your products Environmentally friendly?

Yes, all our products are 100% recyclable.

Will your Gutter Guard work on all roof profiles?

Our Gutter Guard products will work on most roof substrates such as all tile, metal, corrugated, Trimdek, Bullnose and Klip-lok roofs. We use specially designed Colorbond® colour matched saddles to ensure a snug, smooth fit that gives total protection to your gutters and roof.

Can you cover all types of gutters?

Our products can protect most types of gutters and roof valleys. We also custom make various gutter guards to cover box gutters, rain heads and even over large areas such as drainage systems on large flat roofs.

What is Colorbond®?

The majority of metal roofs and gutters are manufactured from Colorbond®, a combination of aluminium and zinc known as Zincalum with a special coating designed for the harsh Australian conditions.

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Company Policy on Safety Matters

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone, from managers to on the roof workers are committed to providing and maintaining a safe place of work, safe systems, the best safety equipment and safety procedures as is reasonably practical, and in accordance with relevant legislation.

We hope that you too will consider our safety when we work on your roof. We and many of our clients rightly insist that we use our safety equipment such as harnesses and ropes. Yet many home and business owners have not provided any way for us to connect our safety equipment, such as providing anchor points.

Work Cover legislation requires that you provide a safe environment for us to work in – please see below under “Work Cover - Safe Working at Heights”

Please ask our team to quote on providing at least a minimum safety system.

Click here to view some of the affordable safety systems we install.

We are fully insured and certified. Please see our Insurance and Compliance Certificates by clicking here.

Safety Policy

The Gutterclean team always endeavour to:

  • Comply with statutory legislation and codes of practice relating to safety and welfare at work;
  • Ensure that all management, employees are adequately informed, trained and equipped to carry out their work in a safe manner;
  • Ensure that all employees are made aware of their duty to co-operate with this policy;
  • Ensure that this policy is reviewed on a regular basis and that any relevant amendments are brought to the attention of all employees and contractors.

Work Cover - Safe Working at Heights:

Work at heights Part 4.3, Division 6, clauses 56 - 61 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 (Regulation) is about working at heights.

The employer must ensure that all risks associated with falls from a height are controlled. To control risks, the employer must provide and maintain the following measures:

  • stable and securely fenced work platform or, if this is not reasonably practicable,
  • secure perimeter screens, fencing, handrails or other physical barriers capable of preventing falls or, if this is not reasonably practicable,
  • other forms of physical restraint that are capable of arresting a fall from a height of more than two metres or, if this is not reasonably practicable,
  • provision of a safe means of movement between different levels at the place of work
  • The regulation discusses provision and maintenance of physical restraints that are capable of arresting the fall of a person from a height of more than two meters. But this is only if it is not reasonably practicable to provide control measures such as scaffolding, perimeter screens, fencing or handrails.

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