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Insurance and Compliance Certificates

OH&S - see our Certificate of Compliance

Public Liability - see our Public Liability Insurance

Workers Compensation - see our Current Documents

Product Specification Sheets for Safe Roof Access Systems:

Ladder Brackets

Metal Roof Anchors

Tiled Roof Anchors

Static Safety Lines

Work Cover - Safe Working at Heights:

Work at heights Part 4.3, division 6, clauses 56 - 61 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 (Regulation) is about working at heights.

The employer must ensure that all risks associated with falls from a height are controlled. To control risks, the employer must provide and maintain the following measures:

  • Stable and securely fenced work platform or, if this is not reasonably practicable,
  • Secure perimeter screens, fencing, handrails or other physical barriers capable of preventing falls or, if this is not reasonably practicable,
  • Other forms of physical restraint that are capable of arresting a fall from a height of more than two metres or, if this is not reasonably practicable,
  • Provision of a safe means of movement between different levels at the place of work.

The regulation discusses provision and maintenance of physical restraints that are capable of arresting the fall of a person from a height of more than two metres. But this is only if it is not reasonably practical to provide control measures such as scaffold, perimeter screens, fencing or handrails.

Company Policy on Safety Matters

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone, from managers to on the roof workers are committed to providing and maintaining a safe place of work, safe systems, the best safety equipment and safety procedures as is reasonably practical, and in accordance with relevant legislation.

We hope that you too will consider our safety when we work on your roof. We and many of our clients rightly insist that we use our safety equipment such as harnesses and ropes. Yet many home and business owners have not provided any way for us to connect our safety equipment, such as providing anchor points.

Work Cover legislation requires that you provide a safe environment for us to work in – please see above “Work Cover - Safe Working at Heights”

Please ask our team to quote on providing at least a minimum safety system.

Click here to view some of the affordable safety systems we install.

We are fully insured and certified. Please see our Insurance and Compliance Certificates above.

Safety Policy

The Gutterclean team always endeavour to:

  • Comply with statutory legislation and codes of practice relating to safety and welfare at work;
  • Ensure that all management, employees are adequately informed, trained and equipped to carry out their work in a safe manner;
  • Ensure that all employees are made aware of their duty to co-operate with this policy;
  • Ensure that this policy is reviewed on a regular basis and that relevant amendments are brought to the attention of all employees and contractors.

Lead-Free Roofing Products

Please note we only use high-quality Lead-free products that are safe, long-lasting and comply with AS/NZS 4020:2005 'Products for use in contact with drinking water' and AS/NZS 2904:1995 'Damp course Flashing.'

For more information on the dangers of having lead products on your roof and working with them, click here to read our information sheet.

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