What Sydney Gutter Clean Clients Say About Our Service:

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Belinda - Missenden Medical Centre - 14/12/17

It has been such a great change to work with us compared to the last company that we had working here. Your company has been so good to work with. Kurt was fantastic and helpful and I am very glad he is coming back to do the work.

Kimberley Leslie - 13/12/17

Thank you once again to Sydney Roof & Gutter for your excellent service in cleaning my gutters. Colin was very professional and gave me complete confidence in the job at hand while also being friendly and helpful to accommodate my specific requests and concerns.

Kevin Goodey - 11/12/17

Thank you for this. Once again the young gentleman (Ezra) did a great job.

Alan Faulkner - 6/12/17

Just wanted to let you know what a great representative you have in Colin. He is excellent. Thank you.

Milroy Berenger - 20/11/17

Although I have my gutters done by my gardener now, that said, I was always impressed with the staff from your company who worked on our home. They always gave us a reason or two to pass on a bottle of red to them for their work.

Robert Shu - 27/11/17

I am so pleased with the work, you have really good people working for you. I will definitely recommend you, you should be pleased with your workers (Gerard & Chad).

Brad Curtis - 20/11/17

Thank you, very happy with the service.

Peter Morley - 15/11/17

You should bottle Hayden, he's that good! He was very informative, represented your company well and did a good job. It is because of his service that I had him quote for extra work.

George Antoniou, Property Manager - 03/11/17

Thank you to the guy who did the job (Brenton). He was very thorough and professional and really went far and beyond cleaning up afterwards. Even cleaned the pool.

Melissa - 01/11/17

Daniel was excellent by the way - he was professional, tidy and efficient.

Wing Chan - 27/10/17

Darren has done a good job. He has a helpful attitude and answered my questions with patience. I am also happy with the cleaning up after the job.

Anna Hall - 25/10/17

Thank you for sending the invoice and also the pictures of our roof. Feedback:

- Daniel was our technician
- He called prior to arrival and gave me an estimate of how far away he was
- Daniel was able to quickly give me a quote and I was surprised (and very happy) that he was able to do the job straight away
- Daniel was polite, well presented, knowledgeable and did a great job - I am very happy with the service

Professor Kirsten McKenzie - 19/10/17

Many thanks for an excellent job. We really appreciate it.

Angela Long - 19/10/17

I wanted to pass on my appreciation of Reece’s professional manner and work ethic. He was friendly and efficient but most of all left everything as clean as when he arrived.

Aaron Edmonds (Strata Manager) - 11/10/17

The committee wish to thank your company for the recent service, which was carried out to the satisfaction of the Committee. They were very pleased with the service of the gentleman whom attended, Ezra.

Jane Evans - 09/10/17

I appreciate your honesty in recommending that the gutter guard is not needed.

Gail Giubin - 06/10/17

I have called to advise you of how impressed I was and that Ezra was incredibly respectful, how nice a change that was. He was just so lovely. I was very impressed that he made sure I was happy with the clean up.

Toni - 06/10/17

Your company has the best guys I have used so far. So many other companies were so unreliable but Darren was amazing and I wish I found you sooner.

Roger Howard - 06/10/17

I have had two wonderful experiences with your company this year.

Sarah Croall - 28/09/17

I would highly recommend this company and Daniel. Excellent, reliable and friendly service! Thanks.

Chris Shilling - 27/09/17

The technician did a great job on my mother's house yesterday. She was very impressed so thanks so much.

Jenny Wallace - 26/09/17

I would like to express my thanks to Chad and his assistant who recently completed work at my unit. Although it was not a large job, it still requested the usual degree of care and professionalism and both of those things were attended to when the work was initially inspected and then during the actual installation.

Chad and the other gentleman arrived when they said they would (in fact they sent me an sms update as to their exact arrival time). The work was completed quickly and efficiently and they took away any rubbish with them and left the area looking pristine. I was impressed with the professionalism and more than happy with the result.

I would also like to thank the receptionist who I needed to speak to several times leading up to the work being done. They were always courteous and helpful and happy.

I have had other work done on my unit and overseen other strata related work in my complex and can speak from experience that sadly this result is rare. That is why I thought it was important for it to be acknowledged.

Paul Vita - 22/09/17

That's great and looks like they did a fantastic job too!

Ken Boyes - 21/09/17

We thank you for the service that you provided and assure you of our complete satisfaction. We have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Daphne Rodrigues - 21/09/17

Thank you for a job well done.

Jenny Fox - 20/09/17

The technician did a really great job and I'm really happy with the work.

Stephen - 18/09/17

Thank you. Great Job. Very happy with the work!

John Harland - 13/09/17

Your guys did a fantastic job, very thorough and professional. Thank you very much.

Jacquie Boon - 12/09/17

I am really happy with your company. I have been using you guys for years as you are very mindful and do a great job cleaning up.

Helen Martin - 08/09/17

Thanks for getting this to us so promptly.

Keith Parker - 06/09/17

I was so impressed with the work that was done last time, that I am re-booking. The gentleman that came out did such a great job and I was mightily impressed. I have had people come out before and I was so disappointed. So that is why I have recommended you guys to my neighbor who is also booking in work to be done.

Neen Weir - 06/09/17

The boys are finished. Huge gratitude.

Nick Fletcher - 04/09/17

Thanks for a great job.

Alison Bingham - 31/08/17

Ezra was so courteous and kind. I can't recommend him enough.

Crystal Ferris (Strata Manager) - 28/08/17

Thank you, You're amazing!

Andrew Brogden (NSLHD) - 25/08/17

Thanks for your understanding and prompt response. It is great to see you're a professional company.

Verena Reinhardt - 24/08/17

Thank you very much. Great work!

Ian Lipski - 24/08/17

Thank you. Really happy with the job.

Tanya Haider (Property Manager) - 23/08/17

Thank you so much. You guys are wonderful!

Faye Britton - 07/08/17

Job finished. I am very pleased. He did a good job.

Peter Lamb - 26/07/17

Brenton did a good job. Very happy to have him back.

Dorothy Jauncey - 25/07/17

Hayden was an extremely nice young gentleman who did a great job. Please let the managers know how pleased we are with the work he did.

Mal Jones - 21/07/17

Your representative Brenton completed the work for me yesterday morning. It all went well, thank you. He did an excellent job.

Shirley Carroll - 15/07/17

I was very pleased with the work that your technician carried out. He was polite, efficient, quick and carried out the cleaning, then reported to me the state of the roof. He cleaned the debris that had fallen and cleaned the paths etc very efficiently.

Natalie & Craig Macinnis - 14/07/17

We were delighted with the service provided by Sydney Gutter Clean and the technician Ezra. He was on time, professional, extremely polite and took us through what he was going to do. Would absolutely recommend to others.

Paula Day - 10/07/17

The worker did such a great job. Excellent Work. I am very happy with the thoroughness of his work.

Sharon Mitchell - 04/07/17

I have just called to specifically mention that Brenton was very professional and neat and tidy. He did a great job. Also everyone who has been there has been very good. I would like to thank them all.

David Knight - 03/07/17

The technician who attended was very good and very professional.

Jane Shields - 28/06/17

The guys did a great job, I am really happy with the work they did.

Rebecca Salter - 05/06/17

Thank you so much for your work today. You were so professional and did a great job. We will definitely use you in the future. Thanks again.

Jane Ingham - 05/06/17

The guys were absolutely fantastic. They did everything asked of them. So many leaves and such a big job and they took care of it all. So pleased as I always am with the service your company gives me.

Dr. Ross Hindmarsh - 31/05/17

I was very pleased with Reece's approach and service.

Kate Lau - 26/05/17

Your team's clean up job is incredible. Thanks so much. Everything on the ground looks a lot neater than we had it. My husband and I are really impressed.

Carla Medway - 24/05/17

We wanted to say thank you to Daniel for the work completed. He was very polite and did a fabulous job! We also liked that he was on time, professional and we have before and after photos, which is very nice. So thank you very much. I've kept your number for anything else we may need.

Tim Playfair - 19/05/17

Shannon was a very nice man. What a wonderful lad.

Stephen Reid - 18/05/17

Darren and Chad did a good job with the roof cleaning.

Margaret White - 17/05/17

Zefton went out of his way for us and put our mind at ease. We are very happy with the work.

Tony Sedgwick - 10/05/17

Impressed with the quality of work done and happy with the clean up.

Eva Dymock - 09/05/17

Brenton was the best tradesman I have ever had at my property. He left everything very tidy, did a very good job and explained everything in detail. Thank you very much.

Leah Pelders (Strata Manager) - 05/05/17

I appreciate your honest and prompt action regarding the accidental payment.

Glenn Moss - 03/05/17

Would you please pass onto your relevant colleagues my thanks for a job well done. I was most appreciative of the consideration and professionalism of the team on the job, Aidan, Ethan, Joshua and Peter. Without fail they were courteous, kept me informed of progress and have completed a first class job. I am delighted with the result, great to get photos of the finished work and I also liked getting the SMS informing me of when your people would be on site. Very impressed with Sydney Roof and Gutter.

Robin Phillips - 02/05/17

Thank you for doing an excellent job. Your tradesman did a great job, particularly the clean up.

Richard Johnstone - 01/05/17

I wish to thank Shayne for his work at my place last Thursday. He turned up, quoted the work quickly and then got stuck into it, completing the work the same day. I am very happy that he could and did so.

Stephen Reid - 01/05/17

Excellent. I was impressed with Darren and his suggestions.

Armin and Elizabeth Roth - 28/04/17

Thank you to the company for a well detailed quote by Peter and to Peter and Chad for a job well done. We are most grateful.

Christine and Neville - 27/04/17

We would just like to say we were very happy with the results after our first gutter cleaning. Brenton was very nice, polite and did a great job. Seeing the before and after photos gave us the assurance that the job was actually carried out. We will take the advantage of your offers to come again to clean the gutter in six months' time or when they next need doing. Thanks again for the great service.

Kevin Goodey - 24/04/17

Thank you for fitting in the job so quickly and also thanks to your worker. He did a great job.

Stephen Reid - 22/04/17

I was very pleased with Darren who did the measurements and his suggestions were excellent.

Meaghan Davis - 20/04/17

The gentleman that came out did such a good job and was really fantastic. I am very pleased.

Armin Roth - 20/04/17

Thank you for the excellent job.

Gae Ward - 20/04/17

I just wanted to say that that young man was lovely. He has everything going for him. If I was in business I would steal him off of you since he was so fantastic. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

Alfina Braiding (Strata Manager at CF Strata)- 18/04/17

I was happy with the work and the way that your company does things.

Mrs Nickolson - 13/04/17

It is a great relief to have presentable men on my property. The workers were following safety procedures, using harnesses, ropes, ladder straps and safety cones. What satisfied me the most was the way the men presented themselves, the way they spoke to me, their conduct and their cleanliness. I would be happy to have Chad and Shannon back to do any further work required at my property.

Ailsa De Barros - 11/04/17

I wanted to write to let you know what and exceptional job Shayne did in cleaning our gutters. Not only did he arrive on time, but he sent us a message 30 minutes prior to arrival. This was extremely helpful and very professional. Shayne was friendly and polite and nothing was too much trouble. He did such a thorough job and left our entire yard cleaner than it was before he arrived. I have already recommended Shayne to our neighbors and they will be in contact shortly. Please let Shayne know we were impressed with his service.

Nikki Watts - 11/04/17

Thanks to Shayne, he was polite and punctual and he did a terrific job.

Kathy O'Brien - 08/04/17

It was nice talking to you yesterday, because you showed concern regarding my worries about the roof.

Louella Tuckey - 09/03/17

I am so impressed with Dan who came out this morning. He was the nicest, most helpful guy and I am so grateful for the help he gave at my property. He was such a pleasant guy to deal with and I am so happy with the service. I will be letting my property manager know.

Linda Morton - 27/02/17

Thank you so much for your service. He did a wonderful job.

Robert Rondelli - 27/02/17

The guy who did our work did a fantastic job.

Graham Bucknell - 16/02/17

I like the photos (with the invoice). It's a nice touch.

Graham Cole - 16/02/17

We would like your firm to know how much we appreciated the very professional and friendly service provided by Reece.

Yasemin Coban (Strata Manager) - 16/02/17

The strata committee would like to provide the following feedback: "The operative from Sydney Roof and Gutter was very professional, calling ahead prior to arrival. He did a very thorough job, taking away multiple large bags of accumulated biomass material and diligently working through the additional works. In short, he was a real credit to SR&G and was a real pleasure to have working on site for us. He is welcome back any time.

Emma Scott - 07/02/17

I was greatly impressed with the technician (Darren) who attended and was so happy with the work he did at the property. Would recommend him to everyone.

Rhonda Parkin - 24/01/17

Reece is the best worker I have had. He worked really hard and did a fantastic job. Everything was very clean.

Maria - 19/01/17

Just wanted to let you know that I just had Shayne come out to give me a quote and I was so impressed. I was really worried about finding someone to clean my gutters as I have had a few bad experiences in the past. However, as soon as I opened my door and met Shayne, I knew I had found the right company to deal with. Shayne was courteous, respectful and very professional. He explained what he was going to do and even informed me I didn't need to have all my gutter cleaned as the 2nd storey gutters were clean. I found this refreshing. Someone who was honest! I will definitely be recommending Sydney Gutter Clean to friends and family.

Barbara - 18/01/17

Oliver was a lovely young man who did a thorough job.

John Coelho - 23/12/16

Aidan is a great guy and did a great job!

Sandra Holland - 22/12/16

Thank you Zefton & Hayden, you were clear and precise and I really appreciate the work done by two brilliant workers.

Strata Manager of SP9240 - 21/12/16

The owners are very very happy with Darren's work, they said it was the best gutter clean ever.

Christine Lee - 6/12/16

Your technician (Ezra) did a good job cleaning our gutters Please pass on our thanks.

Gary Holmes - 5/12/16

Thanks folks. We will be away during your visit, but we know your experts can get the job done just fine without us.

Chris Gain - 17/11/16

Thank you once again for the excellent service.

Alison Bingham - 11/11/16

Ezra did a really top job. He was so polite and we would definitely have him here again. He was quite delightful.

Carolann Campbell - Montano Strata Management - 11/11/16

You guys are Great!! Many thanks for the quick response to our Quote Request.

Dan Hinton - Verdun Walsh Strata Management - 9/11/16

The owners wanted to let you know that they were really impressed with the technicians you sent out. Excellent Service!

Kimberley Leslie - 9/11/16

The job looks great Daniel. Thank you so much. Hopefully any fire will now jump straight over my house.

Elizabeth and Michael Jenkins - 4/11/16

I would like to let you know that we are very happy with your service and with Oliver's work yesterday. It was a pleasure to talk to him and it is good to see someone who is efficient and cares about doing a good job.

Vicki Allcock - 3/11/16

Thank you for a REALLY good job today. Ezra left the place better than when he arrived. Thank you again for a great job. I shall call you again next time for sure.

David Hawthorne - 2/11/16

I wish to pass on to you that the young gentleman (Ethan) who came to quote impressed my wife Elise. He was extremely professional and well mannered during his visit so please pass on to his boss how he portrayed himself as an excellent company representative.

Ray Carter - 20/10/16

Please pass on how happy I am with the work that was done and your workmen. I am really really really impressed. They would be the best tradies I have ever dealt with. I'm extremely impressed, especially with Darren.

Pamela Summer - 20/10/16

Very happy with the work the guys did on my roof. They were really nice guys.

Megan Boukaseff - 8/10/16

Thanks for the job you did yesterday. We're really pleased with it.

Laurie and Fran Bromley - 6/10/16

We had our guttering and roof cleaned today and we just wanted to say how impressed we were with the two workers who completed the work for us. They were exceptionally courteous and communicated extremely well about the work to be done. Very impressive.

Andy Burgess - 30/9/16

Please thank the team for doing the work, it's really appreciated.

Tom Reeve - 23/9/16

Thanks to your men for an excellent job.

Bruce Waters - 16/9/16

Thank you and your crew for a great job.

Ben Taylor - 12/9/16

I wanted to pass on some good feedback to your company. The workers that showed up were very professional and completed the job thoroughly. I will certainly recommend you to others.

Murray Bingham - 9/9/16

We appreciated the skill and friendly manner in which your staff conducted the work on our property.

David Keating - 1/9/16

We have been very happy with Darren. He is very professional and knows the roofing business.

Maureen O'Sullivan - 26/8/16

Thanks for a good job and clean up!

Susan Oski - 16/8/16

I meant to give you a heads up on Chad's attention to detail re last weeks work. We were really impressed with his manner and loved how well he cleaned up after the job.

Milroy Berenger - 10/8/16

The young tradesperson (Brenton) who visited did a very good job. I suggest that Sydney Roof should buy him a case of beer as a token.

Ailin Piccini - 4/8/16

Thanks for sending Darren out to do the job. I was very pleased with his work, hope to see him again.

Suzanne Houweling - 28/7/16

Thanks for this Shayne - it looks like you did a great job!

Resident of Strata Plan 56969 - 15/7/16

Thank you for the very good roofing and gutter cleaning, I have seen the photos and am very pleased with the work!

Leticia Momi - 6/7/16

Thank you for completing the work today Josh and for the photos which you sent me. It was a pleasure to meet you. We wish you a wonderful future ahead, keep smiling always :)

Gary Holmes - 6/7/16

Thanks Folks, Oliver did a great job - a good ambassador for the company!

Strata Plan 32276 - 30/6/16

Thank you. Job well done and technician (Ryan) left the place very clean.

Brian Herbert - 29/6/16

I must offer commendation for Ryan who attended, he did a fantastic job and is a very nice man.

Strata Plan 56478 - 22/6/16

We were very impressed with Reece, he is an amazing young man. He is very kind and nothing was too much for him. He did his best to clean up everywhere even when he couldn't access courtyards and did the best job we have ever had done. I will be recommending your company to everyone because of him.

Alicia Brown, Strata Manager - 10/6/16

Wow you guys are quick at getting to urgent roof leak! Thanks for that.

Catherine Panich - 10/6/16

Thanks to Chad for a job well done.

Bill Katakouzinos - 25/5/16

Just want to say thank you for the great service your company has provided. From the office staff to Reece the installer, everyone has been helpful from start to finish. Thanks again.

Graeme Morris - 20/5/16

Thank you for the excellent job of cleaning and repairing our guttering.

Paul Hayes - 19/5/16

I would like to convey what an outstanding performance we received from Chad, who was onsite yesterday. He was not only a polite young man who conducted his duties in a meticulous manner, but he did so with alacrity and enthusiasm.

Michelle Spooner - 11/5/16

Many thanks for fixing our guttering and a job well done.

Mary Chiarella - 6/5/16

Chad not only cleaned my gutters, but also blew all the leaves off my decking. So thank you very much Chad!! I was going to have to sweep those this weekend so I'm really grateful.

Peter Attrill - 5/5/16

Ryan was a very easy going guy and did a good job!

Ken Chapman - 5/5/16

We are very happy with the work Chad did. I was not home, only my wife was, but wanted to let you know that he did a great job.

Bill Ogg - 29/4/16

Thank you the roof looks much better! Cheers.

Connie Woo - 15/4/16

Fantastic work from the whole team at Sydney Gutterclean. Darren, Zefton and Ethan who came and did a great job to my roof and gutter. The clean up after was excellent. Special thanks to Zefton and Ethan who demonstrated such a professional service by trying to fix the leaking problem between the fascia and gutter of my roof and pergola. They poured water on the roof from the garden hose to ensure the problem area is fixed and dry. Now, there is no more dribbling and splashing down to my covered deck. I am very happy with their work. I will definitely keep choosing your company for my annual roof and gutter service.

Fran Love - 13/4/16

I just wanted to greatly recommend the lovely gentleman Colin who came and did my gutters. My gutters have never been so clean. He was the nicest, most efficient man. Your company should be so pleased with him as he is an asset. Please make sure you pass this on, how happy I am with him and the service I received.

Alex Bailey-Charteris - 5/4/16

Please pass on our thanks again to Dave for his problem solving skills.

Shan Cai - 11/3/16

Sam was a delightful young man. He communicated before commencing job with good manners. He did a good job of fixing leaking gutter - it's raining now so luckily we see the result quickly! I had two groups of people come before but they didn't get the job done. Sam did! Thank you very much. I'm happy to recommend Sydney Roof and Gutter and Sam to other people.

Joanne Crowe - 3/3/16

Shayne did a great job in such extreme heat conditions yesterday.

Soames Treffry - 1/3/16

The young guy who did the gutter clean yesterday was terrific. Great customer service.

Sandra Fuller - 26/2/16

Thanks for the earlier appointment today, Brenton has done an excellent job. I felt sorry for him working in this awful heat!

Lorraine Sharp - 26/2/16

I just wanted to also mention that Colin always does a very good job.

Catherine Gross - 19/2/16

I have left a voice message about Darren's exceptional work at 30 Bilkurra. He not only did a great job on the gutter but also cleaned the back and front yards of leaves and debris. Much more than he needed to do. Very happy. Your guys are always terrific.

Alison Gilbert - 11/2/16

It seems like Shayne did a great job, and we're very happy with the work he's done before. We'll contact you any time we need more roof or guttering work done. Thanks!

Peter Cribb - 3/2/16

I was very happy with the service from Sam, very nice fellow!

Warren Pynt - 3/2/16

Excellent services.

Rex Wulff - 3/2/16

I am very happy with Peter's work, he is the best worker so far!

Gary Squire - 21/1/16

As always, a great job and much appreciated that you were able to slot us in to your schedule.

Connie Woo - 14/1/16

Darren came yesterday morning to my house for a quotation. I am very happy with his professional advice and absolutely very good manners. Thank you.

Josee Rynne - 16/12/15

Please pass on my satisfaction with the work done to Zefton & Hayden and giving me a new looking roof. Also, I would like to point out that Gerard did a good job on the new downpipes completed last Friday. Thank you again for all the good work done on my house.

Sylvia Roins - 4/12/15

Thank you very much. Shayne did a great job and was very polite and good natured. Thanks again.

Olivia Cooper - 8/12/15

Please could you let your manager know that I thought you (Reece) did an excellent job and that you were very professional. I was very impressed. Thank you.

Ed Rozario - 7/12/15

I would mention that Josh did a particularly good job of cleaning up the surrounding area around our house.

Ian Lyon - 10/11/15

Josh and Reece are excellent workers, did a PERFECT job, and are find young men. I would appreciate them coming again next time. Thanks for the excellent work.

Lorna Delling - 6/11/15

I would like to mention that the guys who came out to do the job (Darren & Reece) are an excellent advertisement for your company. They were polite, extremely hard working and nothing was too much trouble. I was very happy to have them around my property and when they left, it was spotless.

Judy Zaluski - 4/11/15

Thank you for sending the quote so promptly. Your guys did a areally impressive inspection and were so good to talk to about our situation.

Margo Bavinton - 27/10/15

Thank you for a great job, all the best.

Bert Evans - 1/10/15

Thanks, Zefton fixed the leak.

Sam Gowland - 29/9/15

Appreciate the quick turnaround. Peter who came out yesterday was very helpful.

Amy Dobson - 17/9/15

Great work, thanks Dave. You are king of the artistic roof photo!

Margaret Vickers - 16/9/15

Daniel did a terrific job. The gutters were sparkling clean.

Lisa, Baden-Powell Scout Centre - 4/9/15

Please thank Colin for his work yesterday - he is a credit to your organisation: friendly, professional and thorough!

Shane, Strata Manager - 4/9/15

Jut want to say thanks to your firm for your professional and prompt attention to all requests.

John, Strata Building - 1/9/15

I was very impressed with the two guys who did the gutter cleaning today (Darren & Josh L). They appear to have done a good job and nothing was a problem for them. They said they had replaced a tile at your place which they saw was badly cracked over a down-pipe at the back and repaired others on the complex where needed. Overall very good service.

Sylvia Phelps - 28/8/15

The work by your roofer (Colin) was excellently carried out.

Lois Skinner - 12/8/15

My husband was home at the time of the work. He was extremely impressed with Dave in the efficient way he went about his work, cleaned up and his general demeanor. We would be very pleased to have regular maintenance cleaning performed. Once again, many thanks for the service.

Susie Wilson-Brown - 7/8/15

Thank you for the photos of the roof and for completing the repairs - it all looks very tidy and it is good to know that we will be watertight for the future.

Sharon Mitchell - 5/8/15

Thank you for the wonderful service your team provide - professional and friendly.

Michael, Building Manager - 3/8/15

Love your work!

Ann Kekkonen - 4/8/15

The boys (Zefton & Ethan) did a great job and we are very happy. They were always pleasant to talk to. Thank you. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your colleagues for their diligence and very high quality of work demonstrated when repair was done to our roof.

Harvey Chen - 9/7/15

Thank you for the work you did today - I'm happy with the job and your staff were friendly.

Carol Quirk - 2/7/15

Your gutter clean service was, as always, excellent. Josh even cleaned up the leaves on the walkway! Very nice fellow.

Steven Fry - 2/7/15

Again your guys (Peter) have done a great job, thanks.

Richard & Susan - 2/7/15

Thanks for leaving everything so clean. Richie & Ethan did a great job.

Milroy Berenger - 1/7/15

The job was done as always well, safely, professionally and we thank you for the pictures as it enables us to put things into perspective.

Matthew Watson - 12/6/15

Our Technician was Peter. The job was excellent and the clean-up was perfect. We've locked in for a regular 6 month service.

Kristina Vesk - 9/6/15

Hello - Kurt from your company came to fix my roof at home on Friday 5 June. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being reliable, professional and helpful - from the booking to the service to the payment, everything went smoothly. Thanks very much.

Chris Semsarian - 2/6/15

Dear Shayne, great job, thanks heaps!

Marry Anne Plummer - 2/6/15

Your colleague (Shayne) was lovely, we'd like to go ahead with the job.

Andrew Musgrave - 6/5/15

A quick note to say thank you for the excellent service you provided yesterday in cleaning our gutters. Darren was polite, helpful and did an excellent job.

Janet Stanton - 10/4/15

Gerard and Zefton were great and I will definitely be using you for another one of my properties.

Penny Chapman - 9/4/15

Many thanks. Great job.

Hratch Loussikan - 9/4/15

Your service is excellent so was the technician (Peter).

Susan Robertson-Doran - 4/4/15

Thanks for doing a fabulous job, I look forward to hearing from you in a years time.

Austin Hukins - 31/3/15

Thank you for arranging the roof and gutter service which occurred today. The service was good and Richard was very pleasant in carrying it out which was much appreciated.

Penny Brudel - 27/3/15

I telephoned and requested an earlier service as we were having real problems with water still running down the stairs into the garage, an accident hazard. I received a text on Tuesday that someone was coming out and Dave arrived yesterday, contacted me and I believe solved the problem.

I don't know who organised it, but I'm very grateful, thank you for speeding things up.

Kev Goodey - 17/3/15

Thanks guys, would just like to mention the young guy (Peter) did a great job, not only getting the leaves out but cleaning up afterwards.

Fran Love - 11/3/15

Daniel is lovely and very efficient at his job. As a lady by myself, he made me feel at ease. I will definitely keep using your services and recommend your company to everyone I know.

John Jordan - 11/3/15

We were very happy with Zefton's work and would recommend your firm. He gave a good explanation of the work done and was friendly and courteous.

Trixie Whitmore - 11/3/15

Thank you to Kurt for attending yesterday, we were very impressed with his prompt analysis of our problem which he has fixed.

Fritzi Casal - 6/3/15

I just thought I would let your company know how pleased I was with the person your company sent to do my gutter clean this year. His name is Colin. He was polite, very thorough, and listened to all my concerns regarding roof issues and felt that he offered me the fair solution to my issues.

He rang ahead as promised. He left my place clean of any debris. He did not make any shortcuts - he made sure he accessed and cleaned all areas of my roof even the very difficult ones. He inspected any possible leaks and proposed a repair which I think was reasonable and honest. I would like to let you know that I was very pleased with him. Looking forward to having him work on my property again on my next gutter clean. Thanks so much.

Catherine O'Brien - 6/3/15

Thanks for doing a good job.

Milroy Berenger - 6/3/15

Thanks, most appreciated. It was a job well done. Please pass on to Colin our thanks for the work he did for us. Not only has he done good by your company, he has done good by us.

Mark Graham - 4/3/15

Thank you very much, I had a look at the before & after photos and Peter has done a great job.

Katy, Professional Strata - 3/3/15

Bramblewood Retirement Village were very pleased with the gutter cleaning conducted, the guys (Peter & Shem) worked flat out on Friday and we were happy with the work done. It was hard work and they came and just got it all done, they were very mindful of the residents also. We were very pleased! Thank you very much.

Caroline Isles - 25/2/15

Thanks, my neighbour also wants his gutters done and would like the same gentleman (Peter) he was excellent.

Damien Lynch - 25/2/15

Shayne was timely, efficient, did the job and courteous. What else would one want?

Andrew Deutsch - 21/2/15

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services and particularly for the professionalism shown by Zefton. He is a real expert and a gentleman.

John Anderson - 19/2/15

Tell Josh thanks very much, very efficient.

Robert Herbertson - 18/2/15

Thank you. Great service.

David Arrowsmith - 17/2/15

Many thanks (Harry) for once again a good job.

Terry Fitzgerald - 15/2/15

Thanks for the great job this morning Colin!

Kimberley Leslie - 6/2/15

Thank you so much for notifying me the day before so that I could prepare the house. I noticed as soon as I drove down the drive how clean it looked so I knew you had managed to come that day. Thank you also for the before and after photos to show me your work. This was very helpful and reassured me that my gutters are clean for the bushfire period ahead of us.

Emma & Steve Neil - 19/1/15

We are extremely happy with the job done by Kurt & Peter, they were really helpful and the job was done quickly so thank you!

Darren Attard - 7/1/15

Thanks Rachel. Was great. Shayne was great!

Cathy Panich - 7/1/15

The guys were very professional. I appreciate that I could be put on the standby list and was accommodated so quickly. Thanks!

Christine Gain - 18/12/14

Thanks Colin for a job well done and the photos.

Marina Agostino - 16/12/14

I was very happy with the professional and prompt service and the good job that Zefton did.

Bernadette Clark - 16/12/14

Thank you very much for fitting us in. Your operative, Zefton, was most obliging and informative at all levels of the process - a very nice man and a good ambassador for your company. I would definitely recommend your company to family and friends after my experience.

Mrs Gee - 11/12/14

Just wanted to say how happy I was with the customer service from your company. Daniel was helpful and happy doing his work and he did an excellent job! It is the 2nd time we have used your company and we are just blown away each time! Thanks so much.

Rodney Rimes - 10/12/14

Very happy with your services.

Helen Eyles - 10/12/14

Colin was very nice and fabulous. Very good clean up.

Gareth Yates - 9/12/14

Thanks Colin, appreciate the return trip and clean up.

David & Bernadette Clark - 8/12/14

We would just like to say we are very grateful for the work and exceptional service we have received from Sydney Roof & Gutter today, thank you very much.

Howard Mackdacy, Sweetcraft Pty Ltd - 5/12/14

Thank you for the great service.

Peter - Global Abode - 4/12/14

I just want to thank you for your outstanding work today. Harry was very professional. And I have never been served that well by any company ever. This job was so important to us we really appreciate your work and will be in touch for further work.

Joan & Bryan Nicholas - 4/12/14

Thank you for all your past terrific service and we wish you all the best.

Peter Herington - 3/12/14

Josh did a terrific job despite some very threatening weather. We are very happy.

Pete Stucken - 3/12/14

We were very happy with Sydney Roof and Gutter's service. Your technician Colin was courteous, friendly and efficient. He respected our needs, explained what his work program involved, and was thorough in his clean up afterwards. We would be pleased to recommend him.

Maureen Johnson - 28/11/14

We really appreciate your work. Many thanks.

Hamish Bowden - 14/11/14

Thank you. The technician was great - very friendly, quick and looks like he did a fantastic job. When needed, I will definitely be using your services again.

Luke Frappell - 12/11/14

I just want to say "Thanks" - I have used your company for a few years now, but your services just gets better and better. On time - a text to confirm! Wow, you just don't get that type of service (much anymore). Also, I would like to say - Beth was so friendly and lovely, such an asset to your team. I have a small business that employs 22 staff and I just wish that some of my crew were as great and lovely as her. Keep up the great work! See you in six months.

David Arrowsmith - 14/11/14

Harry did a very good job and was better than other tradesmen I have used to clean my gutters. I am very happy with your services and will be using you next time also!

Kevin Ward - 14/11/14

Colin was very helpful, thank you.

Mr & Mrs O'Dwyer - 14/11/14

Adam did a good job! Thank you.

Igor & Iris Yourlo - 7/11/14

The work carried out by the following trades people showed competency and efficiency, a job well done! Thank you to Harry for his efficient assessment of the work to be done and subsequent quote. Thank you to Josh who carried out the work.. for his integrity and understanding of the problem and completion of the repair to our roof and down pipe. Thank you once again.

Bob & Jeannie Gee - 5/11/14

We've just had a thunder storm with heavy rain. Can't begin to tell you how nice it was not to have overflowing gutters. Thanks for your efforts Dan.

Shan Cunningham - 7/11/14

I want you to know that Josh is an exceptional young man who impressed me with his politeness and expertise. He knew exactly what to do, and he did it quickly and efficiently. I have been very impressed with Josh and your company’s communication, and I will definitely recommend your company and the staff you send out.

Barbara Sullivan - 30/10/14

Just passing on how happy we were with the service carried out on 24th October, in particular the cleaning up afterwards. Many thanks!

Carey Mooney - 30/10/14

Shayne did an awesome job - we had a storm come through a couple of days after he was here and there were no leaks! Thanks!

Karen Holley - 30/10/14

Can I just say Hayden has done an absolutely fabulous job! He was so lovely, so helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty on this job, thank you.

Wilson, Strata Manager - 23/10/14

Very good to hear about a 6 year warranty... some don't provide a 6 month warranty :)

Carol Quirk - 20/10/14

I was very impressed with the technicians work.. all three of them in the last couple of months.. they were very professional, friendly and got the roofs repaired with a minimum of fuss. And we've had no roof leaks since! Many thanks.

Anthony Benscher - 14/10/14

Thanks Dan for your work today.

Christine Goodburn - 14/10/14

Thanks for the great photos showing Andrew's good work.

Andrew, Pravda Projects - 10/10/14

Thank you, the client (who also works in our office), was very happy with Adam.

Murat Acar - 10/10/14

I would like to say that Hayden & Shayne worked very hard at my house today and not only did they sort our anchor points, ember attack resistant aluminium gutter guard, and re-falling a problematic gutter with the addition of overflow nozzles, but did this professionally. They modified the job to better suit the problem which was a little different than on the original quote. They were pleasant and communicated well throughout the job. Shayne imparted his wisdom about how to harness myself to the roof so that I don't end up as a middle aged multi-trauma patient. Natalie at the office ensure the administrative side went well. You have good people in your company, and good people make an excellent service! Thank you very much for your hard work today.

Jody Butler - 9/10/14

Thanks Harry for a job well done, very professional. Thanks a million, will certainly recommend your company.

Graham & Vicki Mackintosh - 1/10/14

We are very pleased with your company and the efficient service. Dave was on time and carried out according to the pictures provided, an excellent job. We would have not hesitation recommending your company to our neighbours and friends. Thank you!

Coleen Parsons - 29/09/14

Daniel arrived very promptly, he is a delightful young man.

Renee Santilli - 22/09/14

Kurt was very professional and always on time. We were very happy with the job and advice he was able to offer us. I would recommend your company to anyone for repairs or replacements and will be coming to you again when we do our extensions!

John Postle - 12/09/14

Adam was a pleasure to deal with, knew his stuff and did a great job - he even gernied the driveway and surrounds, which I appreciated. He pointed out some roof-related issues and their possible solutions. I would not hesitate to use your team again.

John, Starr Partners Strata - 8/09/14

Thank you for your professionalism with great quotes and photos. When tenants ask questions, all the information is there. You provide fully itemised quotes with brilliant photos.

Karen Fessey - 8/09/14

Thank you very much Hayden, very neat. Thanks for sending other photos.

John, Strata Manager - 5/09/14

Thank you as always for your promptness and professionalism.

Patricia Figgis - 5/09/14

Dan & Shayne were both excellent. The result is not only functional but beautiful.

Martin McRobert - 5/09/14

The service provided was excellent and your tradesman should be complimented.

Carol Eylander - 5/09/14

Thanks to your staff for doing another good job.

Ian, Strata Plan 47720 - 26/08/14

Thank you for sending Hayden, he did an excellent job, cleaned up really well and was polite and courteous. All the residents were happy. We look forward to Hayden returning in 6 months.

Kristen Dibbs - 19/08/14

Daniel was a star, cleared lots of leaves, twigs and possum poop (eeeuw!) off the house and two separate studios, and left the grounds neat and tidy. This included hosing off one of the cars, which had copped some fallout. Very satisfied customer.

Joe Baum - 15/08/14

Shayne did a fine job of the gutter cleaning at our commercial property - thank you!

Megan Tilley - 14/08/14

Excellent work done by Zefton! Thank him please!!!

Jennifer Troy - 7/08/14

The guys did a great job, photos of the roof look great.

Gail Van Epen - 6/08/14

Many thanks for the work... I am unable to comment on the quality as I can't get up on the roof, but your staff are efficient and very helpful and I would expect the quality of your work would be great too. Many thanks to Zefton for so willingly doing the extra I asked regarding the skylights. I would use again and recommend your services.

Clive, Strata Manager - 30/07/14

Thanks very much Luiz - over and above the call - great service as always.

Michael, Strata Plan 5792 - 18/07/14

Thanks Shayne, great photos! Good work finding the problem today! Appreciate you guys coming out.

Chris Dowd - 22/07/14

We have received your photos, the work looks fantastic can I say. I noted you quoted promptly and did the work shortly thereafter. I am impressed. So thank you and your staff for your excellent service.

Lea Drew - 21/07/14

Kurt was lovely and did a great job!

Jane Ingham - 18/07/14

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service, your guys did a fabulous job.

Linda Streeter - 16/07/14

Kurt was a lovely guy who was extremely helpful and pleasant a rarity these days! I look forward to receiving the quote.

Daniel Vickers - 12/07/14

Thanks for doing our roof repairs so quickly and efficiently.

Fiona Pearce - 11/07/14

The gentleman that came over today to do our gutters was great. He showed me photos of the before and after and explained the problem I'd been having. He was really helpful and I really appreciate his patience. Thank you again and I look forward to your repeat business.

Bernadette O'Connor - 27/06/14

Hayden did a very neat job, was very polite and friendly. Thank you!

Jackie Taylor - 13/06/14

Your guy Jeremy has done the best job, thank you!

Luke Frappell - 06/06/14

Many thanks for looking after my home over the past few years - you have truly been great in both your service and work.

John & Trish Highfield - 07/06/14

Thank you for sending the very pleasant and professional Kurt to our home yesterday. We look forward to your early quote for the re-guttering and meshing.

Sondi Pop - 29/05/14

Please pass on our commendations to the owner for the professionalism, courtesy and enjoyable team today. The high standard of professionalism, diligence and genuinely easy manner, made it an absolute pleasure. May I also comment that as a woman (with my own business) it was particularly refreshing to not being patronised when asking questions. We will definitely only be calling on Sydney Roof and gutter for all our roofing requirements in the future. I will also be recommending your services to friends and family and will write an online review at true local etc. Many thanks again.

Heather Morgan - 27/05/14

We were very please with the service. Hayden was very professional and thorough in his work. I would happily recommend your services.

Lou Banaud - 20/05/14

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Josh was, he did a perfect job and even swept the paths for me. He is a lovely gentleman and I will definitely contact you in 6 months time for my next clean.

Toni Smith - 14/05/14

Colin was extremely pleasant and did a very good job!

Denise Browne - 14/05/14

Many thanks for the efficient work carried out on Monday at our property.

Mrs Tyler - 14/05/14

Daniel S is a delightful young man. He was a lovely and obliging young fellow when visiting my property today.

Irene, Clean Green Strata - 12/05/14

Mrs Harris called to say a BIG THANK YOU to the gent that you sent as the yard was cleaned up very, very well.

Denise Brown - 25/04/14

Many thanks Shayne for your great job with the gutters. You left the place immaculate - thank you. Great job.

Deb Shepherd - 22/04/14

Thanks very much Hayden. Really appreciate your work, opinions on the roof/gutter and all the photos.

Donna Subritzky - 14/04/14

I'm happy about the service. I recommend Sydney Gutterclean as I am impressed with their honesty and work ethic. Great service.

Vivienne O'Donnell - 10/04/14

I am writing to comment on the excellent service I received from Gerard. I have had a severe blocked drainage down pipe issue for some months resulting in flooding into my lounge room.

Gerard not only fixed the problem but did so very professionally and with a minimum of fuss. He also took the time to explain how the problem had occurred and steps to take in future. Please pass on to him my thanks.

John Randall - 08/04/14

Can I express my thanks for the work done. Your tradesman (Dave) was very polite and helpful and was diligent about his work.

David - 07/04/14

Thank you Amy for the excellent customer service. Have a great day.

John & Wynne Richardson - 06/04/14

Many thanks to Daniel for doing this work.

Ross Goldberg - 02/04/14

The guys (Daniel & Ryan) were excellent!

Andy Challenor - 31/03/14

Just to let you know, our troublesome roof has now stopped leaking! Thank you for your persistence regarding this matter, it is very much appreciated.

Heather Goodall - 25/03/14

Many thanks Kurt for your extremely helpful and professional service.

Mark Earley - 21/03/14

Just a note to thank Jeremy for a good job on our gutters. We have used your services for a number of years and the email reminders are a great idea.

Carmel, Strata Plan 10432 - 21/03/14

We were very happy with the work Tégan did today, he did a wonderful job and was really efficient. Thank you!

Sharon Easten - 18/03/14

Please pass my thanks on to Adam, he did a great job.

Mrs Ward, Strata Plan 8269 - 14/03/14

Thank you Tégan for a really good job, you are a real gentleman and most obliging.

Beth Mackenzie - 11/03/14

Thank you for your services. I must say, that I was impressed with your technicians. They were very courteous, skilled and efficient and should be commended for the job they did.

Glenn Pitt - 10/03/14

Kurt did a terrific job today - looks perfect now!

Kevin Stanley - 4/03/14

Many thanks. Hayden did a great job!

Jane Josephs - 28/2/14

Thanks again, Jeremy did a great job.

Chandana - 27/2/14

Last night there was quite heavy rain and this was the first one since you (Hayden) and Shayne fixed my roof. There have not been any water drops so far. I guess whatever you did, seemed to fix the issue. Thank you so much!

Kirsty Kalamchi - 26/02/14

I just wanted to say I was very impressed this morning. Tégan turned up on time, was well presented and very polite. He was efficient with first doing the quote and then completing the work. He took pictures on his phone of the completed work to show me. I think in today's society we are only too quick to report when we are dissatisfied with a service and never take the time to give good feedback. I was very pleased with my experience with your company today and would most definitely use you for any future guttering needs and will be recommending you to anyone I know needing work done. Thank you for providing an excellent service.

Anita Widera - 18/02/14

Thanks Dave for a great job.

Kym Webster - 10/02/14

Thank you, David did an excellent job and clean up.

Ivor Kaplan - 3/01/14

Thanks Tégan for a job well done.

Sam Castorina - 3/01/14

The man that came out (Matt) had a very nice manner about him.

Judith Hammond - 29/01/14

Jeremy has just been here to clear and clean my gutters. His work was excellent. He also carried out the tasks with politeness and thoughtfulness.

Graeme Sheather - 24/01/14

Adam attended my property yesterday and I am very happy with the service provided and his professional conduct.

Lony Burmeister - 23/01/14

I forgot to ask the young man's name who came today to clean my gutters but I want to say: he was friendly, did a good job and left everything very clean. I am a repeat customer and will stay one as you keep up your excellent service.

Gary Holmes - 21/01/14

Thanks Daniel. Nice work, yet again - thanks!

Ron Murray - 16/01/14

Thank you for cleaning our gutters today. The service (by Hayden) was outstanding and we would like to use you again next year!

Jacquie Boon - 8/01/14

Kurt just finished at my house. He was very efficient and respectful of my home. He did a great job.

Jennifer Hansen - 19/12/13

Hayden did a brilliant job next door at #2 and I'd like my gutters done as well.

Kate Spindlow - 18/12/13

We would like to mention that both Zefton and Jeremy were very helpful and professional in this process and we appreciate the job.

Stephanie Hardy - 17/12/13

I really appreciate the work that was done today. Thank you very much indeed. Hayden did a really good job.

Susan Chandler - 13/12/13

They (Dave and Jeremy) did a really good job. It looks really nice.

Andrew - 9/12/13

Thanks Sydney Roof and Gutter. Please give Hayden our commendation. He did a really good job.

Nigel Wyse - 3/12/13

Service of Sydney Roof and Gutter was above and beyond!

Mrs Chris Kenworthy - 29/11/13

Thanks Sydney Roof and Gutter. Dave E did a really good job.

Joan & Bryan Nicholas - 22/11/13

Thank you for the terrific service and overall support on this and prior matters. We would like to add some very sincere appreciation for the effort and dedication that Dan executed and displayed yesterday. The job was not a simple effort and required creativity and resourcefulness to complete the work and have a great solution to a difficult problem. Please thank Dan for his fine work and professionalism.

Rita Haddad - Somerville First National - 15/11/13

The Owners was very happy with the service. Excellent job, thank you.

Karen - 11/11/13

I was so impressed with the way your company does things, no-one else came and quoted with ladders and iPads. I would happily recommend you to others!

Brett - 6/11/13

Thank you very much. The quality and service has been great.

Jan & Bob Paisley - 28/10/13

Thank you to Jeremy who came early on Friday morning last week and gave us a quote. Thank you for a very professional business encounter.

Mrs Smith - 11/09/2013

I would just like to convey my thanks for Dan's professional job and standards. Many thanks!

Nadine - 28/08/13

Above and beyond the call of duty, but I sure appreciated Colin taking care of this for me. His act of goodwill didn't take but a minute and now you have a loyal repeat customer.

Margaret Dempsey - 20/08/2013

I would like to say thank you for cleaning my gutters, a very good job as always.

Geoffrey Leeson - 19/07/2013

Pat & Devon did a good job today - arrived on time, were careful in the garden and cleaned up when finished - thanks and well done.

Jane Ingham - 16/07/2013

Thanks to your team!

Sharon Mitchell - 11/07/2013

Thanks for sending an excellent rep (Colin). He was polite and professional. I have recommended your company to a group of nth shore mums- there are 3000 members.

Kirsti Reith JP - 5/07/2013

Thank you for your help and the great service provided by the girl on the phone. I don't remember her name but she really made me want to use your service just because of her lovely phone manner.

Greg - 27/06/2013

Compliments to Patrick for showing courtesy by knocking on all the doors of the complex to let them know he was about to start work. Also thanks for doing such a thorough job, taking photos of any possible problem areas and showing the site contact. Every time he has had someone there from Sydney Roof and Gutter it has always been a great job.

Giovanni Muratore - Conti Property Group - 26/06/2013

Thanks Luiz, you guys are fantastic! Thanks!

Rhondda Eaton - 06/06/2013

The roof looks great. Thank you.

Richard & Hilarie Major - 02/06/2013

Just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your service. It was very efficient and your tradesman was very pleasant. We will certainly useyour company again when required.

Lesley Goulburn - 10/04/2013

Both Dave and Dan have been absolutely excellent in responding to any problems we have had. Many thanks.

Russell Donaldson - 26/03/2013

Many thanks to Nathan who did a great job replacing the roof valleys. We are very happy with the excellent job he did.

Richard Smart - 26/02/2013

Hello Amy, Casey came by this morning as arranged and fixed our block gutters. I would like to commend Gutterclean for their efficiency and pleasant manner, firstly at the initial contact point arranging the appointment, and then via Casey's equally pleasant approach and workmanship.

Feel free to pass these comments on to your management, and you can also use them on your testimonials.

Sandra Rowe - 14/02/2013

I just want to say I am very happy with the work done today; Colin did a terrific job!

Marie Fitzpatrick - 07/02/2013

Please let Zefton know that I am a very happy customer. He was very thorough and did a great job!

Greg Stanley - 30/01/2013

A big compliment to your company. From Amy in the office to Colin who did the job, you were all a pleasure to deal with. Colin did a great job!”

Jane Roughan - 29/01/2013

Your guys did a wonderful job, thanks so much for all your help!!!

Jeffrey Campbell - 21/01/2013

Can you please pass on my thanks to Jeremy and Simon. Even our neighbors commented on the great work done, and how clean the gutters are now.

Julie Glass - 14/12/12

Regarding the work done yesterday, we just wanted to say thank you to the guys who came (I think it may have been Danny?). It was a fantastic job, and they even swept up what was already there before they came. The place looks fantastic, and very clean!

Shirley Gumm - 11/12/12

Thanks for the photo's of the completed work, it looks much better.

Terry Moody - 7/12/2012

Please pass on our thanks to Nathan, he is a credit to your company.

Jan - 6/12/2012

Thank you for your wonderful service!

Isabella O'Shea - 28/11/2012

Thanks so much, Patrick did an excellent job!

L Vale - 20/11/2012

Thanks, Daniel did a great job and was very friendly and courteous. No mucking about, honest and reliable. It's rare these days to get a company that will send someone to quote and do the work plus be of sufficient knowledge to advise on problem areas- congratulations, Daniel was easy to deal with.

Maria Anderson - 16/11/2012

Patrick did a great job and cleaned up well - thank you.

Liz & Trevor Smith 05/11/2012

Thank you for sending us Daniel.We would like to commend his professional approach, thoroughness in carrying out the job and friendliness.

Anna Crott 02/11/2012

Thank you for the fantastic job that was done!

Richard Pakalnis 01/11/2012

I also want to bring to the attention of your Customer Services Manager the quality of the work done by Daniel.This was a big job and it was a hot day. He worked tirelessly from very early morning till close to 5pm without respite. Cleaning, repairing gutters and then installation of the Gutter Guard. He worked like it was his own business and I want to extend my appreciation for the work he did. He is a credit to your organisation and I would appreciate it if you would pass on my comments to him. Good workers with a good attitude are hard to find. Treat him well.
I have been dealing with a lot of trades during these major renovations and in the main I have not been impressed with the general quality of work nor their customer service. So thank you for such good and timely works.

Chrissy Nagy 23/10/2012

Hi Horace, thanks for the lovely job on my gutters today!

Bruce Morris 10/10/2012

Dan was here today and I found him to be very friendly, professional and efficient. Turning up on time is another huge plus. The other Daniel also cleaned our gutters few weeks back and was also a pleasure to deal with. Service is an important thing and people pay more for it and return, so keep up the good work.
Please pass on my thank you to the two Dans.

Norma Doyle 08/10/2012

Thank you Lauren. I would be grateful if you could keep my details. Dave did a fantastic job on the gutter cleaning. I am very grateful.

Sharen 05/10/2012

Just a quick email to thank Daniel and the team who attended today to clean our gutters of leaves and debris. They not only did a great job on the roof and awnings but also cleaned the debris from the back courtyards and complex driveway. Thank you very much for a job well done and with the added challenge of very hot weather.

Milroy Berenger 04/10/2012

Thank you for the good reception service and the service delivered by your staffer who did a good job. He was professional, kind and courteous at all times.

Will Strachan 03/10/2012

Thank you and your personnel (Beau & Horace) for such good service. I will be using (and recommending) your company again. Many thanks

Jenni Cole 27/09/2012

Just letting you know Dave arrived and did an absolutely fantastic job! We will definitely use your company in future and recommend you to others, on the strength of the responsiveness of your booking and communication systems and Dave's great manner and performance of his job :)

Peter 14/09/2012

Your worker did a very efficient job. This is the second time we have used your services and on both occasions the work has been done with the utmost of professionalism.

Carol Quirk 12/09/2012

Thanks for a great cleaning job yesterday. Daniel was excellent, polite and efficient.

Coleen Woulfe 29/08/2012

Hi Dave, thanks for the job on Raglan St. The Executive Committee are really happy with the job and have approved the invoice, thanks again. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Megan Gatfield 10/08/2012

Just wanted to let you know that Daniel came this morning to do the gutters at Aubin Street, including my attached neighbors, and did a fantastic job! Freezing cold, windy but still managed to be cheery and thorough. Please pass on my appreciation to him and the professional staff at Gutterclean!

Janet Hinder 09/08/2012

Over a length of 6 meters the side of our sunroom gutter had come away from its floor. The 6 meter leak was over the area where we wanted to host a party for 100. Gutterclean pointed out that the area around the side was intact and did not need repair, saving 30%. Their quote was 50% of a quote I already had. I accepted on the spot and paid a deposit. They understood we needed it done urgently and one week later completed it, very efficiently, leaving the place looking perfect. I would recommend them any day.

Eric Hinder 02/08/2012

You helped us in a crisis, worked quickly and well and were very friendly and left our place clean and tidy - we were very impressed.

Sheila Day 27/07/2012

Thank you for your friendly, clean and efficient service.

Judy Pettersson 16/07/2012

Thank you Jeremy for a great gutter clean today. Please put me on the calender for another gutter clean in 2013.

Andrew Murray 10/07/2012

Many thanks for your inspection and report. I appreciate your quick response and turn around.

Carol Eyland 06/07/2012

Hi Beau, thank you for doing such a good job. I will contact you for future cleaning!

Jason Turner 04/07/2012

Hi, have just transferred payment into your account - thanks for such great service.

Simon Lewer 28/06/2012

Hi Dave, I am writing to say many thanks for the excellent job your company completed yesterday. The gutters were cleaned and cleared and all debris on the ground taken away. The exterior of our house looked brand new! Will you please thank Jeremy for a job well done. Cheers, Simon and Vanessa

Graham Sheather 25/06/2012

Just want to let you know that Gerard and his team did a fantastic and professional job on the roof repairs. I am very happy with the work done, thank you.

L Burmeister 18/06/2012

Thank you for sending Horace - a polite & friendly guy - who did a very efficient and very tidy job on my gutters to-day.

Simon 15/06/2012

Amazing job you guys did! Far above and beyond anything I expected. Thank you heaps for how exceptionally tidy you left the yard!

Jane Curtis 08/06/2012

Thanks guys for coming out at such short notice - just in time for the big rain.

Janine Ralston 01/06/2012

I just wanted to say a big "thank you" to Colin and Patrick for the work they did on my place this morning. I really appreciated how thorough they were with checking all gutters/down pipes (not just the one that I knew needed cleaning) and cleaning up afterwards.

Please pass on my appreciation. Regards, Janine

Michael 23/05/2012

Please give my thanks to Beau, he did a great job repointing the tile roof and repairing flashing yesterday, thanks so much.

Marilyn Hill 27/04/2012

Hi Colin, thanks for great job. Exceeded expectations, will transfer funds tonight.

Alison Bingham 19/04/2012

Would you kindly tell Gerard, who I believe was in charge of our roof repair - How good was the timing? We have had SO MUCH RAIN and so far, no sign of a leak' , no dripping noises above my ceiling, and no calls from neighbours reporting same. I am very pleased with the work you did and just wanted to let you know. I had several businesses out to assess the problem, and you guys really pin pointed it and dealt with it in a most satisfactory manner. I'm sure you have helped us avoid a major leak event in the current weather conditions! I look forward to your continuing maintenance of our gutters as per our arrangement.

Margaret Sedgewick 13/04/2012

Just wanted to report what a great job the guys did for us on Tuesday. Delighted with the result!

Morna Brown 05/04/2012

Thanks. We were very pleased with the work. You sent a very nice man & he did a great job. Thanks Morna

Rebecca Gorman 30/03/2012

Thanks for your work this morning - in and out - no fuss - fantastic. Thank you.

Connie Georgiades 23/03/2012

Hello folks at Gutterclean: Thanks for your extremely professional and friendly approach, both Dan and Nathan were great. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Glen Taber 13/03/2012

Can you please come an clean out our gutters, roof and down pipes for our property asap. We have used your services previously and the work you have done for us was excellent but our roof needs to be cleaned again.

David Miller - Real Property Services Strata Management 02/03/2012

Just Recently, we engaged the services of Gutterclean on behalf of the Owners. My initial contact with Gutterclean was not positive. Due to anticipated rain, an oversight saw the owner of the building waiting for much of the day for you to arrive. When I called Gutterclean Dave took my call. He was professional, apologised for the oversight, and sought immediately to rectify the situation. He went out of his way to rearrange schedules and sent Dan out to complete the work that afternoon. Since this time, Mrs Boyd-Boland has, on a number of occasions, expressed her satisfaction in Dan’s work, and in particular his friendly nature and level of communication with her. When Dan reported to her that there were some issues with the guttering, Mrs Boyd Boland instructed me to contact Dan to follow-up on this, and have your company provide a quote for the rectification of the problem. What stands out for me in my dealings with Gutterclean has been the pride you take in your work, your friendly service and the focus you have on valuing your customers. Kind regards, David

Susan Knight 23/02/2012

A big thank you that you not only cleaned out my gutters today, but left paths and driveway around house cleaner that before! It was lovely coming home from work and seeing the results! Excellent job, I will use you again, thanks.

Kim 23/02/2012

Hi, I paid today's work via direct transfer - Dan will advise about further work for gutter valley replacement so please let me know the date and time. Great work thanks guys!!!

Simon Petch 19/01/2012

Just to say that Dave did a terrific job here Tuesday, also an excellent clean up. Please send him along next time.

Roger & Marilyn 18/01/2012

I just wanted you to know how happy I was with your representative Louis who attended my home today to clean the gutters. He was very polite and did a fantastic job and is a credit to your company. I want him to come out next time you clean the gutters.

Jenny Nelson 13/01/2012

Thank you for your service, young Casey did a brilliant job. I will surely be calling you for gutter services again.

Kristen 13/01/2012

Thank you Colin - well done. Please put me on your reminder list for Autumn and Spring, thank you

Mary & Tim Yeates 12/01/2012

Thank you for sendin gNathan and Kamahl. We are very happy with the service, we are more than happy for them to come and do a repeat service when the time is due. Please send us your reminder in 6 months.

Lucie Clark 16/12/2011

Just wanted to pass on some feedback - we had your company clean our gutters and were very impressed at the great work your staff provided, including cleaning up everything after finishing. Greatly appreciated! Many thanks

Clive Harrison 13/12/2011

Hi Gutterclean, Thank you for the photo's, an excellent job was done by Casey.

Sonya Hopkins 07/12/2011

Hi Gutterclean Management, Colin came and cleaned my gutters on Monday and I am emailing to let you know what a great job he did. My house could not have looked tidier on my return and his manner when he called was friendly and professional. I will/ and do recommend your company to others.

Mrs E Holder 02/12/2011

Byron did a fabulous job here today, please make sure that only Byron does the gutters for me every 6 months.

Leigh Ivanoff 24/11/2011

Casey, who is courteous and hard working, cleaned our gutters today, thank you very much.

Julie & David Granger 23/11/2011

We would like to convey how pleased we were with Louis' work and pleasant manner last week. He left the place really tidy and this was in all the rain too.

Wendy McCormack 22/11/2011

Many thanks, a great job well done by Dave and Nathan.

Dennis Cowell 21/11/2011

Thank you for the job done by Dave at 6 of our homes this week. Feedback on all accounts was excellent!

Trudi Davanzo 11/11/2011

Great job yesterday with cleaning the gutters. I want to pay the bill today. Thanks
for the discount.

Jenny 10/11/2011

Thanks so much to Ryan for such prompt service - very much appreciated.

Meg Connelly 07/11/2011

Thank you so much for the quick response!

Daniel Alvers 28/10/2011

I just wanted to extend my thanks to Josh and the crew for an outstanding job. I thought this whole process of getting my gutters cleaned was going to be a pain. I arrived home to find absolutely no mess at all, clean gutters and pictures of all the leaf guard installed. That is a fantastic service, my commendations to you!

Gary Thompson 21/10/2011

Great service - thanks Casey!

Miriam 28/09/2011

Hi, Colin did an excellent job, see you in 6 months, with thanks

M Cook 27/09/2011

I just want to say that I am really happy with the work, and as I am in involved with Real Estate I will definitely send more work to you

Steve Slisar 22/09/2011

Great job on the gutters...really nice guys too! Thanks

Peter Hook 5/09/2011

Thanks Ryan, excellent work - will organize payment tonight. Thanks again for your prompt and professional attention. We might organize you to come on an annual basis and maintain the gutters.

Adam Rizk (LJ Hooker) 23/08/2011

Thanks team for all your efforts!

Mrs Killian 29/07/2011

Zefton did a very good job yesterday, he did a perfect clean up and was thoughtful and so accommodating. I just wanted you to know that you have a very good tradesman I am very happy with the work done!

Gabrielle 25/07/2011

Hello,this is just to let you know that I have just paid via direct deposit. Thanks for your time, and again for your time, and again for such excellent service as we have come to appreciate from your company. Colin was very friendly and professional and we will certainly ring you next time we need our gutters cleaned. Have a wonderful day!

Jane Simpson 20/07/2011

Morning, just to let you know I have paid the funds into your account. Thanks as usual for a great job - and just in time for the rain too!

John Oehlers 6/07/2011

Please convey my thanks to you all for the diligent and hardworking tradesmen that were sent to complete our job. They were the first tradesmen that cleaned up after their work. Many thanks

Olivia Roberts 28/06/2011

Sorry i was delayed and could not thank the boys for an excellent job on the roof and gutters, and a good clean-up.

Olga 18/05/2011

Zefton is a new worker, but I was surprised at what a tidy, efficient job he did for us. Such a pleasant guy too.

Joe Maccioni 15/04/2011

"Hi Matt. Just a brief note to thank you for the work done on our roof today. Phil arrived on time with adequate gear and did an excellent job clearing debris from the roof and gutters. His attitude was exemplary, and I commend his obvious care for getting the job done properly."

David & Sophie Orsmond 18/03/2011

"Nathan came today and provided a wonderful service. The whole experience of dealing with your company and Nathan was really nice, pleasant and well done. He is an asset to your company and did a fantastic job."

John Eldridge 15/11/2010

"Great service, Mark is really good bloke. So happy with efficient service"

Natalie Verdon 08/11/2010

"Just a small note of thanks again for your work. Your team is always so welcomed, polite and professional."

Kevin Lance 29/10/2010

"Thank you Gutterclean for your great service. All the guys I have dealt with have been really pleasant and professional"

Russell Miller 08/10/2010

"Thank you for your great service. Ryan was very thorough and did a fantastic job!"

James Kan 20/08/2010

"Dave did an outstanding job today! I will be booking you to come on a regular basis."

Mack Brierley 11/08/2010

"Aaron was very pleasant and professional, Thank you."

Michael Small 09/08/2010

"Thank you, I had a nice helpful person clean my gutters. He was really thorough."

Rick Kennedy 22/07/2010

"Thanks again for a great job!"

Jacque Scarra 14/07/2010

"I wanted to thank Byron and his team for the great job they did!"

Virginia Ellis 16/06/2010

"Thank you for your prompt service. The work was done so neatly - I had expected loads of muck everywhere and there was very little evidence that he had even been. Thanks again, kind regards"

Shawn Sequira 07/06/2010

"A big thank you for arranging the clean up of our gutters today. I trust Byron did a good job and I appreciate your good service."

Natalie Verdon 11/03/2010

"Many thanks for your great service. Dave was lovely guy and I would be pleased to use your service on a regular bases."

Sharon Mathews 25/02/2010

"Thank you for cleaning the gutters..your guy did a great job, he left the area very clean, the residents were very impressed."

Mark Wood 21/02/2010

"Thanks for the great service."

Chris Pollitt 01/12/2009

"Many thanks for a great job."

Strata Partners 08/10/2009

"I must thank you for your quick response !! The photos are invaluable, thank you so much again, the Owner & I both really appreciate your & Kaine’s work to rectify their problem so swiftly.

Jenni Mackie 31/08/2009

"Thank you for a job well done!"

David Gee 14/08/2009

"Thank you for arranging everything. The team was great and it looks good"

Irene Atkins 3/08/2009

"I was very happy with the young guy who came out to clean the gutters and would like him every year if possible."

Dr Josephine Coffey 24/2/09

“Many thanks to Dave for all his hard work. Greatly appreciated guys”

Michelle Domenech 16/01/09

Thanks for the great clean!

Ian Gladigau 6/01/2009

I contacted your organisation via your Email address for a quote. Yesterday Mark called my home left a message, I tried to return the call last night but it was obviously after hours. This morning he returned my call and we arranged for him to visit my home this afternoon and quote, I also advised I would like him to quote on my Sons home also in the same suburb. He called me at about 2 pm this afternoon gave me a quote and I accepted and he commenced and completed the work. One of my criterias was no mess left behind, when I returned home this evening the job was completed and my wife and I astounded that he was as good as his word and there was absolutely no mess. Mark then went to my son's home nearby, quoted and received the go ahead immediately to clean his gutters also. I felt it was important to write to you commending Mark and your organisation for the professional and organized manner which you have carried out the work on my home, and will have no hesitation recommending your work to our friends.

Media Travel 8/10/2008

Thanks again for a great job on our gutters! Brilliant service and and hassle free.

Penny Williams 5/08/2008

Thank you for cleaning our gutters, all fantastic and cleaned up after too, thank you!

Strata 7225 15/08/2007

Kane and Sam, your two very professional and helpful representatives, did an excellent job this afternoon on our roof. They cleaned up thoroughly around the building and met all expectations. Thank you for exceptional service.

Hannah Kelly Pipe Communications 9/08/2007

Thank you for doing such a good job of our gutters yesterday…We would like to make this an annual service, can you provisionally book us in for the first week of August next year and give me a call closer to the time. Many thanks once again for an excellent job.

Brian & Beverley Carney 22/06/2007

This is just a short thank you note for the very professional job done by John and Aaron today. The roof has never look so good since it was built several years ago, I would not hesitate in recommending your team to not only cleaning the gutters, but also the transperant roof and not forgetting the manner in which they cleaned up after they had finished. Congratulations for a job verry well done, please convey our thanks to the boys.

Sherrie Hunt Strata Plan 7682 29/05/2007

I have just had a phone call from Penelope Powell, one of the executive committee members who has reported your company has just been out to clean the gutters. She has asked I contact you to notify the two guys who attended to let them and your company know they did a great job! Not to often people pass along appreciation, so suck it up! As a strata manager I wanna say thanks, makes our life easier as well! Well done!

Joe Bailey Len Robinson Pty Ltd 23/02/2007

The two young men from Gutterclean did a first class job on our unit last Thursday - far better than previous contractors, and i have no hesitation in recommending them to carry our similar work here again or any other work of this type at other units etc. Thank you

Brad Curtis - 20/11/17

Thank you, very happy with the service.

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