Bushfire Season Gutter Cleaning Sydney

The Rural Fire Service has declared the 2014 bushfire season as an “above normal” bushfire season, due to the low rainfall and high temperatures predicted. Authorities recommend property owners to prepare their home for the upcoming summer without delay.

The record breaking amounts of rain during winter have also caused concern to the Rural Fire Service who are worried that the bush surrounding the city has a higher density than normal. Meteorologists are predicting higher than average temperatures for New South Wales in Summer 2014.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service recommends property owners to download and complete a Bushfire Survival Plan without delay.

How To Prepare Your Property

  • Prepare your bushfire survival plan

  • Clean gutters, roofs and downpipes from leaves and debris

  • Mow your lawn regularly

  • Install fine steel wire mesh screen on all windows and doors

  • Cut down any overhanging and low branches up to two meters off the ground and prune shrubs

  • Point the valves on LPG cylinders away from the house, so that potential flames are not directed towards your property

  • Remove excess combustible material from your property

  • Install high quality aluminium gutter guards

What To Do During A Bushfire

  • Keep the radio on and pay attention

  • Close all doors, windows and entrances

  • Use wet towels to block the spaces under doors and windows

  • Fill up your bathtub and buckets in readiness to fight embers and spot fires

  • Prepare your firefighting equipment

  • Use gutter blocks and fill your roof gutters with water

  • Patrol the outside of your home putting out any embers or spot fires

  • Use a hose to wet any timber patios, decking and verandahs

  • Bring pets inside and keep them in one room


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